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For young women and star seeds who are looking to deepen their connection with themselves and the world, feel more in charge of their lives and experience more health, happiness, confidence, inner stability, creativity, awe and wonder.


Tuning into your soul, spirit animal helpers and other allies I create a painting that enhances and strengthens your connection with them. This connection can bring you empowerment, remembrance of your divine unlimited self and support your life journey.


Supportive free meditations for wellness of mind body and spirit that you can use right now!

Charlotte Luttichau

Practicing Healer since 2001

BA Hons Fine Art

Certified 'Energy for Life Wellness Coach'

Kwan Yin Magnified Healing Master Teacher/ Healer

Plant medicine and Shamanic practitioner


Through healing, coaching, and soul paintings my mission is to inspire, guide and support clients on the path of wellness & personal empowerment, so they can live their highest potential and be happier, healthier and more fulfilled human beings.

I am based in Cornwall, UK and work in person and remotely.

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