Young Women's Wellness & Empowerment Coaching  (20yrs+)


For young women and star seeds who are looking to deepen their connection with themselves and the world, feel more in charge of their lives and experience more happiness, confidence, inner stability, creativity, awe and wonder and generally have a more fulfilling life experience.

So often the problems we encounter are because areas of our inner life have been neglected and become out of balance, they then in turn begin to manifest as a reflection in our outer reality either as health, relationship, financial or other issues.

My approach is that everything starts with the self which means that we have the power within to create the change we need to come back into harmony and live a magical, inspired, abundant life.

How the coaching works:

Depending on what area you prefer to focus on we can look into any aspect that is needed from physical, mental, emotional to the level of the soul.

This can include;

  • Creating a daily self care routine, exercise plan, nutrition upgrade to increase energy and health. 

  • Working with belief systems to increase confidence, self esteem and  boundaries . 

  • Learning techniques for grounding, managing empathy, sensitivity and challenging emotions.

  • Connecting with your spirit animal, plant allies or angelic spirit guides.

  • Practices for increasing your connection to nature and Mother Earth.

  • On going mentoring if wanted.

Coaching sessions:

Generally speaking coaching isn't  just a one off session, normally a series of sessions is needed to support you to reach your aims and take flight on your own. However I do recommend booking a single initial consultation to see if you feel its right for you before booking a series of sessions.

Prior to the session there is a free 15min phone (or email) consultation to find out what is needed. The coaching sessions are from 45mins to 1h.30mins approx.

They can also include distant energy healing if required. 

I offer three prices based on your circumstances. I offer them on a trust basis.

Well waged: £85

Moderately waged: £60

Low waged/on benefits: £45

Available via Skype or Zoom

Multiple bookings of 3 or 6 sessions can be booked with a 10% and 15% discount.

Empowerment Healing


Depending on what is needed I work with Shamanic, Light,  Energy or sound healing methods that empower you and activate spiritual awakening.

By releasing unhelpful patterns and energies held in the cellular memory of your body and the auric field (that would otherwise keep you feeling stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled) your mind and body are able to upgrade to a higher vibration & version of yourself, let go of the past and activate healing on all levels.

This is a 1 hr healing session that is very relaxing, through out you will be fully dressed lying on a massage style couch. 

I offer three prices based on your circumstances. I offer them on a trust basis:

Well waged: £55

Moderately waged: £45

Low waged/on benefits: £35

Based in Penzance, Cornwall 

Distant energy healing also available

with phone, email or zoom support.


“A few long distance sessions with Charlotte completely cleared the night terrors I had been suffering from for over five years. I had tried many things, and was losing heart and nervous about going to bed at night. I now sleep peacefully. I am very grateful for her help. She made all the difference. I would certainly consult Charlotte again if I needed to and would recommend her to anyone needing help in their life.”

Sophie Partridge. France.

Charge your chakras technique

If you are feeling low in mood or energy this technique can help pep you are again!


Healing Mudras For Grounding

I first came across the healing power of Mudras when a lady I met shared a story with me of something she had witnessed when in India. She said there had been a female tourist who had taken LSD and was having a bad trip. An unknown woman approached the girl and put her hands into a particular Mudra, within a very short space of time she had completely recovered and was herself again.


Pran Mudra

Combined with conscious and slow breathing this mudra has a stabilizing and calming effect. It reduces fatigue and nervousness and because it activates the root chakra has an anchoring effect. Generally the Pran Mudra increases clarity of mind, staying power, self confidence and physical vitality. It also improves vision. 
With each hand place the tips of the thumb, ring finger, and little finger together. The other fingers remain extended. Use for 5 to 30 minutes as needed. Or as a course of treatment , 3 x daily  for 15mins each time.


Grounding Mudra

This Mudra was given to me by my homeopath, it is specifically for strong grounding and creating boundaries. So if you feel a bit spun out, floating around the place, spend lots of time in your head on the computer then this one is good to do. Interlock hands whilst connecting tip of thumb and  and first finger of each hand.
In relation to boundaries, if someone is having an emotional explosion at you and you don't want it to knock you off center or drain your energy then this is the one to use.