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Energy Healing Sessions

Here are some examples of what you may experience after a series of energy healing sessions:

  • Better sleep,

  • improved mood,

  • faster recovery from illness or injury,

  • pain relief,

  • feeling more like your true self.

Energy healing can also be useful to support release of unhelpful patterns and energies (such as trauma) held in the cellular memory of your body and the auric field. This gives your mind and body the opportunity to upgrade to a higher vibration & version of yourself, activate spiritual awakening and healing on all levels.

I offer 4 different healing techniques:

Mexican Egg Limpia

This is a Mexican healing technique known as a "Limpia" in Spanish, which translates as "spiritual cleansing".

In Mexican and Latin culture, egg cleanses are especially powerful and popular. Eggs are associated with life, vitality, and fertility. They are thought to be energetic magnets that can draw toxins and negative energy from the body and cleanse the aura.

An egg cleanse ritual consists of rolling raw, uncracked eggs over the entire body (you are fully dressed) and then being rubbed down vigorously with herbs.(You will need to wear clothes that are ok to possibly get a bit grubby - nothing light coloured !)

As part of the session there is time to talk and share your worries and concerns as well as receive guidance through a card reading. 

1hour  - £65


Couch Healing

This is a relaxing & calming healing procedure taken place on a massage style couch fully clothed. It is a shamanic method of energy healing that may include sound healing (if appropriate) to bring healing and balance to the mind, body and spirit.

1hr - £55

Magnified Healing®

This healing begins with a meditation for empowerment followed by a hands on energy healing that helps to clear unhelpful patterns, energise, balance & heal the chakras and balances karma. It is an initiation healing that helps activate the light body and supports the raising of consciousness.

1hr - £65

Distant energy healing for people & pets

This is a 45minute session with phone, email or zoom chat before and after the session.


All sessions can include where needed or requested guidance or coaching in the following areas; energy nutrition guidance, energy exercises for longevity, meditation techniques, psychic protection guidance, energetic clearings, coaching for balancing hypersensitivity and empathy issues.

Akashic Record Clearing

This is not to be confused with an Akashic record  reading.

Availability is Mondays and Weekends at :

Thrive Wellness Clinic

The Waters Edge Retreat

14b Fore St, Hayle

TR27 4DY

Directions here

“A few long distance sessions with Charlotte completely cleared the night terrors I had been suffering from for over five years. I had tried many things, and was losing heart and nervous about going to bed at night. I now sleep peacefully. I am very grateful for her help. She made all the difference. I would certainly consult Charlotte again if I needed to and would recommend her to anyone needing help in their life.”

Sophie Partridge. France.

Charge your chakras technique

If you are feeling low in mood or energy this technique can help pep you up again!

Healing Mudras For Grounding

I first came across the healing power of Mudras when a lady I met shared a story with me of something she had witnessed when in India. She said there had been a female tourist who had taken LSD and was having a bad trip. An unknown woman approached the girl and put her hands into a particular Mudra, within a very short space of time she had completely recovered and was herself again.

Pran Mudra


Combined with conscious and slow breathing this mudra has a stabilizing and calming effect. It reduces fatigue and nervousness and because it activates the root chakra has an anchoring effect. Generally the Pran Mudra increases clarity of mind, staying power, self confidence and physical vitality. It also improves vision. 
With each hand place the tips of the thumb, ring finger, and little finger together. The other fingers remain extended. Use for 5 to 30 minutes as needed. Or as a course of treatment , 3 x daily  for 15mins each time.

Grounding Mudra

This Mudra was given to me by my homeopath, it is specifically for strong grounding and creating boundaries. So if you feel a bit spun out, floating around the place, spend lots of time in your head on the computer then this one is good to do. Interlock hands whilst connecting tip of thumb and  and first finger of each hand.
In relation to boundaries, if someone is having an emotional explosion at you and you don't want it to knock you off center or drain your energy then this is the one to use.

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