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Soul & Power Animal Paintings


'Charlotte works as a visionary artist, bridging the spiritual realms through her work on canvas. This means that her paintings have the ability to uplift, inspire, awaken, and empower the viewer in profound ways. When paintings are done with a direct link to spirit like this, they become objects of power that are alive and have a spirit of their own. '


Chris Luttichau - Author of 'Spirit Animal Guides'

'Amongst indigenous people all over the earth it is seen that each human being has at least one spirit animal guide that protects and guides them.'

In the Soul and Totem portraits I paint a portrait of the person embodying their soul essence and surrounded by their animal spirit guides that are associated with them, as well as other elements that are aligned with their spirit and purpose in this life, such as a particular species of tree, landscapes etc. These are their allies.

What a Soul Painting can do for you

When I look at my own soul painting I am reminded of what I call my 'magical self', it has qualities of my souls true essence and higher purpose for being here on Earth. The animal allies, tree and environment and the elements and symbolism they represent, help me to remember what I am working with or growing into and that I am not alone.

For many people everyday life can at times be challenging and mundane, its during these times it is easy to question what life is all about and forget who we truly are and why we are really here. A soul painting can be an empowering reminder that you do have support, you are a magical, divine being in your own right and you are here for a reason.

By regularly 'gazing' or meditating with your soul painting you can strengthen your connection with your allies and animal helpers as well deepen you connection with your own spirit & higher purpose.

Power Animals and helpers

It is said just as everyone is born with a guardian angel, so we are also all born with a power animal.

This animal may not necessarily be one that is your favorite or that you would like to have in your life but its attributes in someway will be reflected in you, it travels by your side and is an extension of you.

Its characteristics will be helping you in some way, for example if you have a cat power animal then its characteristic of independence may also be something that your life path will encourage and want you to establish within yourself, the cat is also a good ally for learning discernment so you may find that you are cat like by being rather fussy about the people you decide to talk to, this is good cat influence protection! Especially if you notice that your boundaries aren't so good or that you are too open at times.


Throughout our lives we tend to have many additional animal helpers who come and go depending on what we need at the time. But just like our guardian angel unless we take the time to look for signs of them in our lives and deepen our relationship with them we may never actually know they are there or call on them to help us when we would really like it.

The Nature Allies

Just as we have power animals that come in and help us we also have plant and tree allies and landscapes that are power places for us. Again we may have one main tree that is closely associated with us, lending us its attributes and will be with us for our whole life journey, as well as other trees or plants that come and go helping us with different issues that we are working with. When you know which trees, plants, landscapes these are you can go and spend time with them in real life or through your painting. There are other simple practices that can be done to help you connect with them more deeply which I'm happy to share when you receive your painting.



Peter Tillge

“People can study the more invisible arts of life like shamanism for decades and reach a very high level of knowledge which does not necessarily mean that they are able to "read energy" or connect to the spirit world.
Charlotte has a gift that might be connected to the ability to tap into the collective consciousness, or a very developed animal intuition to look within - she closes her eyes, prays to the spirits for something to be revealed, and ... in my case she was able to touch on a connection between my spirit animals and something very deep in my being in a very genuine way. It has an "Altar" energy. Thank You Charlotte.”


The paintings are all acrylic on canvas:

A3 size approx, includes a self portrait and 1 or 2 animals - £445

A full Totem, size approx 30cms x 90cm, includes a self portrait with as many animals as you want to be represented, your tree ally - £795.

Custom size is also possible

(Prices do not include postage)

If you already know your spirit animals I will include them in the painting but if you don't I will tune in to find out what they are.  You will need to email at least 3 good quality photos of the subject/person to be painted and pay a 50% deposit on ordering the painting and the other 50% at the time it is to be sent.

You should allow 4 - 6 weeks from the time of ordering for the painting to arrive.

To make an order please contact me here. Thank you.

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