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My Journey

I have from a young age been interested in self development, psychology and mysticism. Some of my first guides on my spiritual path came to me via books, Sidhartha - the life of the Buddha by Herman Hesse. Then came the Sufi mystic Inayat Hazarat Khan, the Egyption Goddess Isis, Yeshua & channelled writings of Mary Magdelene  and books by Indian guru Yogananda. All very special beings infused with the Creators light, love & wisdom.

These connections I feel are most probably related to past lives associations that I have had. In this life time I still keep these links but  am also a follower of Mother Meera; a living embodiment of the Divine Mother based in Germany.

All these teachers are great examples of living from a point of unity with all life, aware that everything that exists in the world is spirit made manifest and that  all is sacred. This resonates with me.

My Spiritual Training

When I was 26yrs old  I trained for 3 years as a spiritual healer and in Spiritual Psychotherapy. My teacher was the Late William Lambert, he founded BMSIHF, Body Mind Spirit International Healing Federation, and developed nine courses based on the teachings of mystic, writer and philosopher Ronald Beesley who gained international fame with his distant colour healing. These studies gave me a good grounding in spiritual teachings about life and the afterlife and complimentary forms of healing the body and soul.

I went on to become a certified Kwan Yin Magnified Healing® Master Healer/Teacher and 'Energy For Life' Wellness Coach, also training in the Donna Eden Energy Medicine methods and Shamanism. I have over the last 20 years continued to study and practice healthy nutrition, herbal medicine, vibrational medicine, and more recently sound healing.

I am currently doing an apprenticeship with Carole Guynett connecting with local plants such as the rose and dandelion in ceremony, these subtle, yet powerful teachers can bring us deep healing and remembrance of our true divine selves.  I hope in the not too distant future to be sharing this with groups.

Making Dreams Reality  

Creating 'Ananta Sacred Space' retreat center.


At the age of 30yrs after experiencing personal illness

and the death of two people very close to me. I decided

to buy a piece of land with a ruin in Catalonia, Spain

and live there. I was inspired after everything I had been

learning to live a more simple, earth friendly and connected life

surrounded by nature.

I arrived there with no related experience of any kind, limited funds, no driving license and not speaking a word of Spanish! I stayed on a friends olive farm the first year  and built myself a geodome from sticks I found in the forest and a design in a magazine . The second year I moved onto my land and lived in the geodome, a neighbor donated me a broken down van which I used as my kitchen, I had a bucket as a toilet, and a couple of friends would bring me water & take me shopping or I  would walk the 7 hilly km into town to get my food stores.

It was a very adventurous and naive start but I had a vision and enthusiasm on my side and bit by bit everything came together.

I spent the following 11 years transforming the land from an abandoned, overgrown 7 hectares with just ruins for houses, into an off-grid home,  retreat center and sacred space.

 I learnt everything from basic building skills to growing drought tolerant plants, building with clay, working with volunteers, managing builders, design and how to tolerate and then eventually enjoy solitude and my own company. Over the years more people did visit in the form of volunteers and eventually paying guests.

All the while I was absorbing the teachings from my healing and esoteric training and  felt drawn to clean up my mind and body with daily yoga practice, meditation, self healing and regular detoxes, for four years I ate a raw food vegan diet which was very supportive of  this cleansing phase.

The whole experience challenged and initiated me, deepened my connection with nature and helped me find out who I am and what my purpose is. I am forever grateful for this period in my life and transformed by it.

I returned to live in  the UK after 14 years when I met my husband Chris who is based here, we now divide our time between the UK and Spain.

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