Charlotte  Lüttichau
BA Hons

"It has long been my ethos that we are divine co-creators and here to make our highest dreams reality. This I believe is the path of empowerment and mastery, recognizing that we can be divine beings living out our divinity instead of just searching for it. This is the way of the future and by following our hearts  i.e.. being true to our highest ourselves in each moment we stay in alignment with divine will and can co-create paradise on Earth. This is the power of the freedom and sovereignty that we all have access to if we so choose.

Through healing, coaching, retreats and paintings I aim to empower people by helping them reconnect with their inherent spiritual nature and connection to the all that is."

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My Journey

I have from a young age been interested in self development, psychology and mysticism. Some of my first guides on my spiritual path came to me via books, Sidhartha - the life of the buddha by herman hesse. Then came the Sufi mystic Inayat Hazarat Khan, the Egyption Goddess Isis and channelled writings of Mary Magdelene  and books by Indian guru Yogananda. These I feel are all mostly related to past lives connections that I have had. In this life time I am a follower of Mother Meera a living embodiment of the Divine Mother based in Germany.
All these teachers are great examples of living from a point of unity with all life, aware that everything that exists in the world is spirit made manifest and that  all is sacred. This resonates with me.


At the age of 30yrs I moved to Catalonia, Spain to live a more simple earth friendly and connected life. I started out with speaking no Spanish, had no driving license and only a small amount of money that I invested in buying a 14 acre piece of land with a ruin. It was  a fantastic energetic spot that really helped me connect to spirit. I spent the next 9 years creating a magical little eco, retreat center and space of love. . It was a solo project and very much like living in a hermitage

although over the years people did visit in the form of volunteers and eventually paying guests, they were often people looking for direction and inspiration.

The whole experience challenged and initiated me, deepened my connection with nature and helped me find out who I am and what my purpose is.

I returned to live in  the UK after 14 years when I met my husband Chris who is based here. Now is a time to bring what I learnt there back to the people.



I studied fine art and gained my honors degree at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin Ireland, mainly focusing on print making, self identity and psychology as my subjects.


I trained for 3 years as a spiritual healer and in White Lodge esoteric teachings with 'Body Mind Spirit International Healing Federation' in Sussex.

This gave me a good grounding in spiritual teachings about life and the afterlife and complimentary forms of healing the body and soul. I have continued my research of these subjects for the last 20years and they include, nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, flower remedies, shamanism and more recently sound healing. I have been a practicing energy healer since 2001.


Accredited Magnified Healing Master Teacher/ Practitioner working with a 5th Dimensional light and energy healing technique that focuses on building the light body, balancing Karma and healing all aspects of the mind, body and soul.

Certified 'Energy For Life' Wellness Coach working with diet, yoga and techniques for removing mental limitations to achieve vibrant health.

Other forms of training I use in my healing and coaching sessions are  Donna Eden's 'Energy Medicine' and Shamanic healing, which I began to work with naturally when living in Spain. I have also studied with a variety of Shamanic teachers including Robert Moss, Sandra Ingerman and Chris Lüttichau.




Womens Retreats, Cornwall UK

Women's retreats - from nurturing the soul to deepening connection with ones inner power and the natural world through shamanic practices. If you want space for deep relaxation and healing, time to honor 'you', to make friends with like hearted women. This is the retreat for you.


Totem and soul portraits

Through the Totem paintings I connect with the essence and power of you and your animal spirit helpers and bring it through into the painting itself.  The painting then becomes a power object in its own right that can be used to strengthen your connection with your spirit animals and your magical self.


Womens Empowerment Healing & Coaching

In person Shamanic, Light and Energy healing sessions. Online Guidance & coaching sessions for claiming back your power and taking charge of your health and life.

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Where Art & Spirit Meet - One Day Workshops.

A day of connecting with your power animal through shamanic practices and art. You will go home feeling a magical sense of connection and support from these animals that look after you from the spirit realms. Your artistic creation will embody this connection and is something you can take home with you helping to strengthen your relationship with your spirit animal on a daily basis.

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Kwan Yin Magnified Healing Training Phase 1

Learn how to heal yourself, your loved ones and the Earth with Magnified Healing. This method has been brought to Earth by the Ascended Master Kwan Yin and is a fifth dimensional tool for healing, awakening and to assist in the Ascension process.