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My Journey

I have from a young age been interested in self development, psychology and mysticism.

Some of my first guides on my spiritual path came to me via books; Sidhartha - the life of the Buddha by Herman Hesse, the Sufi mystic Inayat Hazarat Khan, the Egyption Goddess Isis, Yeshua & channelled writings of Mary Magdelene  and books by Indian guru Yogananda. 

 am a follower of Mother Meera; a person who many believe is the  living embodiment of the Divine Mother. I first went to her satsang when I was 30 years old  and since then she has been a constant source of support and healing for me and someone that I highly recommend to anyone.

All these teachers are great examples of living from a point of unity with all life, aware that everything that exists in the world is spirit made manifest and that  all is sacred. This resonates with me.

My Spiritual Training

When I was 26yrs old  I trained for 3 years as a spiritual healer and in Spiritual Psychotherapy. My teacher was the late William Lambert who founded BMSIHF, Body Mind Spirit International Healing Federation in Sussex, he taught nine courses based on the teachings of mystic, writer and philosopher Ronald Beesley who gained international fame with his distant colour healing back in the 60's. These studies gave me a good grounding in spiritual teachings about life and the afterlife and complimentary forms of healing the body and soul.

Since then my studies and qualifications include:

  • Certified Kwan Yin Magnified Healing® Master Healer/Teacher

  • Certified 'Energy For Life' Wellness Coach,

  • Training in the Donna Eden Energy Medicine methods

  • Shamanism with various teachers.

  • Sacred Plant Medicine 1 year Mentorship with Carole Guynett.

  • Akashic Record Clearing

Personal Life

When I was 30 years old I moved to Spain and pioneered 

a small retreat center called 'Ananta Sacred Space' it

was a solo project which took about 9 years to complete.

It was based on living close to nature in an off grid low

impact lifestyle. I spent 14 years of my life there

consolidating what I had  learnt in my healing training and

'living my dream' .  In 2018 I moved back to the UK to be with my

husband and I continue to go back and forth to  Spain regularly.

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