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Are you activating your 'Rainbow Bridge'?

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Do you know of people who can read the akashic records, get clear guidance from their higher self, guides or angels, have instant deep knowing and amazing healing abilities?

Maybe you are one of them or you have just read about people like this. Have you ever wondered why some have these abilities and others don't?

Well its all down to the Antahkarana Bridge or 'Rainbow Bridge' as its known in the western world.

This bridge is made up from the energetic threads that connect your personality mind with the higher mind of your soul, soul family and Source.

We are born with at least one thread of this bridge already established which allows spiritual energy to feed the body so it can function and exist, this thread goes via the pineal gland (3rd eye).

But to enhance our psychic abilities and deepen our connection with our higher wisdom and Source we need to build a complete bridge of threads and this takes cultivation through various spiritual practices and many lifetimes to fully establish. Yes sorry folks this takes work...

Following a spiritual path that includes regular meditation, devotion, selfless works and abstract thinking is what builds our rainbow bridge connection, activates our higher chakras and allows our divine gifts and abilities to flow.

Maybe you don't have everything currently activated but you have a sense of the greater unity of all things and can see or sense a bigger picture behind all the chaos thats happening in the world, if so then trust your rainbow bridge is already expanding or you've probably done some of the ground work in other incarnations if not in this one, but don't stop there!

There are great rewards ahead if you keep plodding on; less suffering, expanded awareness of the whole cosmos, divine expression of your talents that can light up this world and ease the suffering of others and of course the joy of pure connection with source and being able to live as a carefree being on this paradise planet.

Yes you would be an enlightened being and fully established rainbow bridges are only found in enlightened people. It is said that when a certain amount of people reach this state it will have the 100 monkey effect and wake everyone up....fantastic! Go for it!

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