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Techniques and tools to balance the emotions and stay grounded

To help keep a general sense of well-being and harmony one needs to be grounded. This is so that unhelpful influences in our environments such as electromagnetic stress, geopathic stress, heavy emotions and the emanations of the heavy thoughts of others can flow through us and be released to the Earth without causing us any harm, very much like the earthing cable that exists in most homes electrical systems that protects us from getting electrocuted.

People tend to get ungrounded after being on the computer, surfing the internet or travelling via plane, car, train etc. Also after giving or receiving healing and doing meditation.

Some of the easiest ways to get grounded are through:

  • barefoot walking on the Earth

  • Running

  • Swimming

  • Showers and bathing

  • Deep breathing

However if you find that you are ungrounded most of the time and that these techniques don't seem to help or not for long then you may have a more deep seated issue and then looking into some form of therapy such as: trauma therapy, energy healing, past life regression or rebirthing would be helpful to you.

Crystals for grounding

Certain crystals can help us to get or stay grounded– mainly its the black or red crystals like: Hermetite,


Black tourmaline,


Red jasper


Turquoise is also helpful for spiritual grounding.

These crystals can be helpful worn next to the skin at the sacral, or root or leg areas, sellotaping them into place is effective.

Essential oils for grounding

Essential oils that are good grounding oils are Sandalwood, Black Spruce, Cypress, Patchouli, and Vetiver, these can be rubbed on the feet, although check if they need a carrier oil before applying them direct.

Tools for balancing the emotions

Sometimes its our own emotions and heavy thoughts that put us out of sorts but at other times it can be outer influences effecting us, for example; when you've been on the internet and looking at anything that is not uplifting or watching films with violence, arguing etc., or when someone around you is in a bad mood or there has just been some kind of conflict. This would be the time to smudge your aura, home or workspace to help drive out any unhelpful energies that can have an effect on us.

Smudging with Palo Santo, sage or any dried herb you may have from your garden or diffusing essential oils such as frankincense or Palo Santo or uplifting oils like peppermint, rosemary, lemon grass can be very effective to bring a clean bright atmosphere in. You can also make your make your own aura cleansing spray from plants and flowers.

Smudging with medicinal plants and oils influences the atmosphere with positive, high vibrational energies as well as the powerful antiviral and antibacterial oils that they contain.

Other ways to help balance and cleanse the emotional body

  • Take a bath with Epsom salts that draw out physical and energetic toxins from the body, you can ask the spirit of water to help you let go of anything that's not serving you or to balance your energy field.

  • Take a Sauna

  • Sit in nature whose harmonious atmosphere will help to harmonise your aura.

  • If you're feeling insecure, unloved, isolated etc. sit in a forest, the trees have a powerful nurturing effect.

  • Flower essences - Bach flower remedies are available in most health food stores and can really help with any emotional issue you may be experiencing. If you are feeling particularly panicky or on edge

then try Bach's ‘rescue remedy’. Personally I recommend Findhorn flower remedies produced in Scotland which can be bought online https: //

Grounding and stabilising technique

Sit with your back against a tree, connect with how strong yet flexible it is, imagine how its roots

go down into the earth and connect with other trees underground, creating a strong foundation and network. Then imagine that you also have roots growing from your feet into the ground and connecting with the roots of the tree, feel the strength of the tree at your back, allow yourself to merge with the tree, become the tree. The longer you can do this the more you will begin to feel stabilised and secure and at peace, just like the trees themselves. Oak trees are particularly good when needing more support and inner strength.

Releasing heavy emotions technique

These following techniques are based on Peruvian shamanic teachings and are helpful for when

you may feel a lot of emotions going on within you (whether your own or someone else's) that you are ready to let go of.

This can be done anywhere as long as your feet are fully touching the Earth. Open your heart to Mother Earth by saying ‘ I love you Mother Earth’ then offer her your heavy energies by visualising all the emotions flowing through your body and out of your feet, its helpful to put your hands on your knees as you do this as that has a grounding effect, you can use your breath to support the process by long exhales as you imagine the emotions leaving your body via your feet. When you feel like the process is done and you are feeling lighter then imagine that light from the sun in a large white beam is flooding you from head to toe until you become a big sphere of light.

This process can also be done in a similar way by connecting with water – i.e. a river, stream or

the Sea. Offer the water your heavy energies and when you feel that the process is done imagine that you open your arms to hug this body of water and as you do it hugs you back and fills you up with its unending life force.

Always say thank you or send feelings of gratitude to the Earth or water after these process’s.

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