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Soul & Totem portraits; what its all about and how I do it.

When we are born on Earth and live in the 3d Matrix we can easily start to believe that we are just our physical bodies and forget our connection with our divinity, our higher all knowing self and the Source where we all ultimately come from.

Each one of us has a soul that reincarnates on Earth or other planets, dimensions and universes to learn, experience, grow and expand. These experiences and the growth and connections made are the things that build the soul.

When I do a soul or totem painting I begin by energetically connecting with that person through a photo, my main focus is to tune into their magical/divine self and their animal spirit helpers.

I instantly begin getting impressions and symbols that are important memories or activating codes that make no logical sense for me but mean something for the client and may come from another lifetime, sometimes this will also come to me in the form of night time dreams.

I also like to tune into what type of tree is an ally for the person.

When Im making the painting I connect with my own divine connection to source and ask that a clients soul essence and power, and that of their animal guides comes through for them and that it serve the greater good.

This kind of painting creates a powerful connection and access point for the client when they look at it and holds the vibration of their divinity. This serves as a potent energetic and physical reminder and portal with ones spirit animal helpers and the gifts they offer as well as with ones true self and higher purpose for coming to Earth.

If you are interested in having your own soul or totem painting done the prices range from £250 for A4 size to £750 for a full totem/soul portrait 90 x 30 cm.

More images can be found on my Shamanic Arts & Crafts page

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