Totem Commissions

'Amongst indigenous people all over the earth it is seen that each human being has at least one spirit animal guide that protects and guides them.

In her totem paintings Charlotte paints a portrait of the person capturing their essence and surrounded by their animal spirit guides that are associated with them, as well as other elements that are aligned with the soul of that person, such as a particular species of tree, landscapes etc.

If you already know what your spirit animals are, Charlotte will include them in the painting and if you are not sure, she will tune in for you to find out.

Charlotte works as a visionary artist, bridging the spiritual realms through her work on canvas. This means that her paintings have the ability to uplift, inspire, awaken, and empower the viewer in profound ways.

When paintings are done with a direct link to spirit like this, they become objects of power that are alive and have a spirit of their own. '

Chris Luttichau




Peter Tillge

“People can study the more invisible arts of life like shamanism for decades and reach a very high level of knowledge which does not necessarily mean that they are able to "read energy" or connect to the spirit world.
Charlotte has a gift that might be connected to the ability to tap into the collective consciousness, or a very developed animal intuition to look within - she closes her eyes, prays to the spirits for something to be revealed, and ... in my case she was able to touch on a connection between my spirit animals and something very deep in my being in a very genuine way. It has an "Altar" energy. Thank You Charlotte.”


Power Animal Portraits

Connect with the essence of your personal power animal by commissioning a painting of your spirit helper.


Other Shamanic Items


A Variety Of Hand Painted Medicine Bags


Power Stones

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The 8 Directions Of The Medicine Wheel


Soul and Totem portraits £250 - £750