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Combat brain fog with this simple garden herb!

As many of you may already know the herb Rosemary is said to be helpful for the memory but unless a person has taken it daily for months at a time they may not have personally experienced its memory enhancing benefits. Rosemary has other benefits besides and is able to support the brain and the body by reducing inflammation, so can also be very helpful with headaches and even migraine. It is a antifungal and aids digestion and has also been scientifically proven to regrow hair & prevent hair loss.

I had a powerful personal experience with it recently when I was diagnosed with being unable to absorb B12 and having anemia. The impact on my brain at the low point of this was extreme brain fog, brain fatigue and a consistant headache. I really wasn't functioning very well on any level.

Luckily though I have a very sensitive partner and whilst he was out in the garden he had a feeling that the Rosemary plant wanted his attention, initially he didnt follow up on it until he had another sign with an advert on you tube the same afternoon about Rosemary being good for the brain.

So he suggested to me too have a rosemary tea, consisting of a couple of sprigs of fresh rosemary steeped in hot water for 5 minutes. I was concerned that it may overstimulate what felt like my already overloaded brain (it can be problematic for epileptics) but I was amazed because instead with just one cup of this tea all the brain fog, fatigue and headache went away. It felt like a miracle.

I'm used to herbs having a slower effect sometimes than conventional medicine but this was not the case this time! Since then I have been taking a tincture of Rosemary up to 3 x daily. The brain fog hasn't come back since, or the headaches. The brain fatigue still comes regularly after reading or a lot of mental stimulus but then I take a shot of the tincture, if it doesnt help within 5 minutes I take a double shot and then it works. I will continue using it until my anemia/b12 issues are resolved.

I believe the tincture is more potent than the tea as it has steeped for at least 6 weeks and brings through all its healing properties.

Rosemary Tincture Recipe:

  • 1 cup of fresh Rosemary

  • Chop and put in a sterilized jar

  • Pour on enough vodka or apple cider vinegar to cover it.

  • Place in a dark cupboard and let steep, shaking regularly, for 6-8 weeks.

  • Remove the herb and put the liquid through a muslin cloth or sieve and keep in a dark bottle.

  • Will last for 4 -5 years

Please feel welcome to comment and share your own healing experiences with Rosemary.

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