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Elfinflower's Simple Spring/Autumn Detox

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

10 Day program.

Best time for it: Waning moon

This is the detox I have designed for myself and friend Rosie, its a relatively mild detox with not too much complication and easy to combine with a working life. It will cleanse and take the pressure off your internal organs, clean the blood and alkalize your system giving you clearer skin and a boost of health and energy. For added benefit why not combine with Epsom salt baths or going to a sauna.

Ingredients needed:

  • 75g Turmeric Powder

  • Honey

  • 5 lemons

  • Milk thistle tincture

  • Dandelion leaf tea preferably loose tea as can be more fresh

  • Nettle leaf tea – Loose if possible

  • 2 Bottles of fresh beetroot juice or fresh beetroots if you have a juicer.

  • Flax seed – freshly grind it in a coffee grinder or vita mix

  • Dulse flakes

  • Lots of fresh, organic vegetables (Not potatoes, sweet potato is okay) salad and fruit.


(Drinks can be taken 15 to 30mins after each other and minimum 30 minutes before food.)

1st Drink - On waking up drink 1 pint of warm water.

2nd Drink - Make ½ cup hot water and add 1tbsp turmeric powder, 1tbsp honey and juice of ½ a lemon.

This drink cleanses all the organs in the body. If continued the effects can be seen in the skin after approx 1 month.

3rd Drink - A cup of dandelion tea with 30 milk thistle drops in.

These both support cleansing of the liver and dandelion is full of some great minerals for immune health too.

Breakfast - Cooked or raw fruit or a fruit smoothie, add 1tbsp of ground flax seed to help cleanse the bowel.

Late Morning

1 cup of Nettle tea. Supports cleansing of the kidneys.

If snacks are needed choose from or dried fruit such as mango or raw vegetables.


Mix of salad leaves, herbs, some cooked vegetables like broccoli or sweet potato, avocado etc.

1.30 – 2hrs after lunch drink 1 cup of nettle tea.

Late Afternoon

Drink 1 glass of beetroot juice, add apple juice for taste if needed and some hot water so its tepid and not cold this helps detox the gall bladder.

Drink 1 cup of Dandelion tea with 30 drops of the milk thistle tincture in.


Soup or steamed vegetables and 1tbsp ground flax seed and ½ tsp of dulse flakes.

Drink as much water as you feel you need throughout the day, avoid too much salt as slows down detoxification and don't add any other oils to the food.

Unless absolutely essential because you have a known deficiency - stop use of vitamin and mineral supplements during the 10 days unless they are pure powders such as spirulina, moringa, wheat grass etc. Multiple supplements with their added bulking agents can put a strain on the liver. Instead add more fresh herbs to your salads and seaweed to the evening meal.

Remember to exercise during the cleanse to help toxins move more easily out of your body, aim for minimum 35minutes a day. If your energy levels or physical ability are low then I recommend free online Qigong classes - Qigong uses minimal energy for maximum energy results.

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